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Welcome to the genealogy website of the WILKINSON, Newton, Naylor, Beavis, Day, Tullett, Barleycorn, Carter, POPPER, LUKÁCS/LOEWINGER, Pick, Wertheimer, Schulhof, Weil, Pollák, Neuschloss families. And many others...

The Wilkinsons came originally from the Bossall/New Malton area of North Yorkshire; Thomas Wilkinson (1802-1860), a tailor, moved down to Chatham, presumably because of the demand for military uniforms in the Napoleanic wars. He ’married’ - we have not yet found any record of the marriage - Ann Beacon Baldock (1808-1859), a local girl, with whom he had six children. The Newtons came from the Bristol area; the Naylors were tailors from Candlesby/Horncastle in Lincolnshire and the Beavises from Kent. The Days were largely teachers and originated from the Chatham area; the Carters from Lambeth in Surrey and the Barleycorns were descended from a boy child found in a field of barley on Balham Hill in 1771 who was taken in to the Streatham workhouse where he was baptised as John Barleycorn - all modern-day Barleycorns are descended from this 'foundling' John Barleycorn. The descendants of all these families had migrated by the late 1800’s to the Lambeth area of Surrey/south London.

Eva Popper’s ancestors were all Ashkenazi Jewish in origin, as far as we know. The Popper and Schulhof families came from Prague, the capital city of the then Bohemia which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; The Pick’s came from Pacov in Bohemia and the Weil’s from Strakonice in Bohemia. The Loewinger/Lukács family came from Szeged in Hungary as did the Pollák’s. The Wetheimer’s and the Neuschloss’s came from Slovakia. After the Anschluss of 1938, Otto & Mici Popper along with children Peter and Eva had emigrated to the United Kingdom where they settled.

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